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Murasaki Live Stream

Ask me all you want about art and see full painting process.
It is fun, will give you good vibes, strong ispiration and is totally free.

Feautred: My Channel explained in 47 seconds

 Digital painting, tutorials, art process, live chat and fun

See me in action

This is my stream preview. If you want to see more Videos, please click here. I go live Mon, Wed, Tue, Sat @11 AM EAST TIME

About Murasaki

I’m a Physics student and a digital painter.
I want to use Twitch to find my path in Science illustration: my goal is to mix my hobby with my studies to have fun and divulgate art and science nicely. 

I come from traditional italian painting background and I like to mix different styles.
Other important things:
I love coffee, time travel, green stuff and connect with people.