Disturbed's Sound of Silence, but Dark Matter

Lyrics and voice: Murasaki Hiroshi| Mix: KoryoVT

Song Concept

Hubble observed that galaxies are moving away from each other at an increasing speed, suggesting that the universe is expanding at an accelerated rate. This acceleration could not be explained by visible matter and known forces alone.
To address this issue, physicists introduced the concept of dark energy: an unknown form of energy that permeates space, pushing galaxies apart from each other and accelerating the universe’s expansion. Although it makes up about 68% of the universe, its nature remains largely unknown. Dark energy appears to have a repulsive effect on the fabric of space, causing the acceleration of cosmic expansion. Dark energy does not interact with ordinary matter or light in a detectable way, making it extremely difficult to study directly. Its existence is primarily inferred from the gravitational effects it has on the universe’s expansion and the distribution of galaxies. Understanding dark energy could not only reveal new laws of physics but also shed light on the ultimate fate of the universe: whether it will continue to expand indefinitely, slow down, or collapse in a Big Crunch.


Hello darkness, silent and wide,
I’ve come to question what you hide,
Because a notion, quietly growing,
Changed our view, without us knowing,
And the insight, that Hubble’s eye did gain,
Filled our brain
Within the sound of Darkness

In restless thoughts, I wandered, lone,
I learned of forces yet unknown,
Where dark energy claims its throne,
Defying the still and cold world we had known,
And my eyes were opened by the flash of a science might,
That shed the light,
And cought the sound of darkness

And in the naked void, I saw,
Countless clusters in a sprawl,
Houndred billions trillions stars moving
Houndred billions trillions stars shifting,
Stars seeming to flee, yet still,
It’s space itself that expands at will,
This is the sound of darkness.

Listen close, “You do not know
Darkness drives and shapes our grow
Grab my words that I might teach you,
How it wins, the pull it can breach through”
And our proves, like gravity, in this struggle fell
And wriggles in the wells of darkness

And the thinkers, with their eyes,
Saw dark energy’s largest size,
And the cosmos bowed its head again,
To the wholeness dark it couldn’t contain.
Sixty-eight percent’s dark energy, twenty-seven percent is dark matter while
We got just five
And surrended to the sound of Darkness