hiroshi song



Song Concept

This song is about the loss of people in front of life. Everyday events, a lost love, a sense of inadequacy, a loss, or the anxiety of reaching one’s goals. The inspiration comes from a poem by Giacomo Leopardi, the infinite. The unknown scares us but at the same time, we feel a hidden need to get closer to it. The unknown is a black hole, one of nature’s greatest mysteries, which has never ceased to fascinate us.

This is the instrumental version, the full song is Coming Soon.

Falling into a Black Hole

Music: Koryo | Voice: Yoclesh | Lyrics: Hiroshi


Everything is cold (cold),
Dark and silent (silent).
I float in the infinite black,
away from everything.
My loneliness is overwhelming.
Your attraction is deadly,
I can’t resist your merry-go-round.
In your ring around the rosey I fall into a void.

I would like to escape (am I going to die?),
We are all prisoners
of the space-time chains,
no red thread will save us,
we fall into the void,
small fragments adrift.
In this short and crazy moment,
I’m balancing on the horizon,
Do I still to you? (Forever)
Instead I’m falling, down to the core,
I’m drowing in the pure blue of this light,
To go where no one has ever gone.
Beyond the limit of singularity
Do you want to know where I am going?
To play dice with God.
I’ll teach him to divide by zero.

I should be alone (forever)
I shouldn’t exist (you don’t exist)
But you look at me (your eyes are like galaxies).
And you ask me (you are curious)
Suddenly I’m not alone anymore (I feel at home)
Can I call you friend?
What’s a friend really?
We share the same loneliness.

After many attempts,
I have won the impossible challenge.
My beliefs have collapsed.
Now I can enjoy this view (which one?)
The one you showed me.
I look out to the horizon with no more fear.
I can see the whole universe.
I was afraid of this black (an empty too full)
But we can stay close,
Beyond the challenges (Challenges)
What makes rarities special.
We wander through the library of times,
show me lost information (Hawking you were wrong)
and times that never happened.
Sooner or later we’ll evaporate (we’ll go back)
and we’ll explore new worlds (we’ll find them)