maxwell equations



Song Concept

This song is about Maxwell Equations, expressed in static and non-stationary situations, in vacuum or in the matter. This song explains what Maxwell’s equations say, I wanted to create a tool to remember every equation. An educational song.

Maxwell's Equations

Music and voice: Isaak | Lyrics by Hiroshi

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Maxwell's Equations | Instrumental

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I have no shirt tonight
Because I want to show you
A set of 4 beautiful equations
They describe the world’s most beautiful side.
Current, Waves and Light

Come here, look at them
They are here on my chest
so close to my heart
just like you I’m going to tell you tonight
About the waves, and light.

Your exam is tomorrow
don’t worry, we’ll study until dawn
close like nucleons
We start with the charge
electrons and protons, equals and opposite:
it’s 1.6 at 10-e19 coulomb.

Electromagnetic force is so intense
sometimes it repulses, sometimes it attracts
sometimes like you and me we turn around
Study the material for it to be found

Our Law is K, Q1 Q2 on r squared
The shorter the distance, the greater the attraction
K is 9 billions
The spankings I’ll lay on your skin tonight
while you repeat the columbian force

These equations describe how electricity and magnetism work
Our feeling, interaction,
Our sight and sensation
Our touch
Do you feel it
I can feel your charge, it’s positive
My electron cloud is so attracted

Say my name, call me Sensei.
Let’s begin our Hide’n’Seek game:
like charges in insulators’ gap,
try to reach me, come to the other side.
it’s okay

You’re finally here, close to my chest again,
Ready to start, tell’em slowly
First is Gauss Law
You surround me like a surface
I’m your electric flux
the inner charge

Maxwell’s 2nd equation says:
the magnetic field is made by lines
Closed lines from a pole to another
no sources, they’ll always return
In the end, B flux is always zero

Hold me now, we can’t be detached
No monopoles

3rd equation, it may change in form
If we have no magnetic field
then E is irrotational
So we can define it through a potential
this field is conservative
The result is zero again

Let’s make it harder
You can make B vary
The situation isn’t static anymore!
Here it comes: Faraday induction

The last one it’s also called the Ampere’s law
With static fields it’s easy
The Circulation of B
is just permeability
times concatenated currents Locally is just J,
permeability again

But if we vary
We need to add one more thing
Maxwell found a way to include
time-varying electric fields
Adding the displacement current
locally it’s just the variation in time of E.
Here we have our special laws, All unified
a symmetric coherent set
Maxwell’s Equations

Protons, electrons and light
They seem to be different
but they are the same thing
did you know these electromagnetic waves
have the same speed of light
and hence are the same”