Song Concept

This song is about Isaak Newton’s Laws, with a focus on forces and Inertia. This song explains what Idaak Newton’s Laws state: I wanted to create an interesting and passionate song about Mechanics to help people remember these amazing laws.

Isaak Newton's Laws of Motion

Music and voice: Isaak | Lyrics by Hiroshi


Newton’s laws:
foundation of dynamics
They show the breadth,
The simplicity
of principles of nature
they apply almost everywhere.
Even between you and me

Dynamics: it’s the study of causes
For objects and system to move
Come here,
Push or pull me
Be my force
Make me shift

Newton’s first law of motion:
There must be a cause,
an external force,
for any change in velocity,
magnitude verse or direction
Otherwise it won’t vary
The speed is constant
And zero is a constant too

In simple words:
Inertia: an object will stay
In rest or in motion
Until a force is applied
Are we moving now?
Is there any force between us?
The more massive the object
The bigger the inertia
Would you try to defeat it?

I can catch you,
I can make you stop.
You can change my direction,
You can change my intensity.

Newton’s second law of motion:
It explains a cause, a change in motion.
the relationship between our bodies, maybe?

Come closer, look at this equation
You may use it to calculate
Force’s role in a situation
Now, repeat with me
Force, mass, and acceleration

Push me with your mass,
Pull me, with your arms
Make my body accelerate
Back and forth

You’re moving too, right?
Let’s see what happens
When our bodies meet

Newton’s Third Law of Motion:
If an object T / like Teacher
Exerts a force R / like Ruler
On an object S / like Student
Now pay attention:
S will exert a force
Equal in magnitude
Opposite in direction
One against other

A body can’t exert a force,
Without experiencing the same
Action and reaction,
This means that forces result
From interactions, don’t you agree?

These are Newton’s laws of motion
They describe the relativity
Between forces acting on bodies
And their motion, as result
But we need to stop now
You need to rest,
Newton’s first and third law
Close your eyes on my chest.