Song Concept

The voices are General Relativity (Calm, Order) and Quantum Mechanics (Angry, disorder). They are discussing about the comfort zone and self-confidence with physics concepts.

The Theory of Everything

Music and voice: Isaak | Lyrics by Hiroshi

Instrumental base for Covers

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The Theory of Everything | Instrumental

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General relativity:
Did you know
Nothing is created
Matter changes (transforming)
So don’t complain
If you were born this way

Everything is fine, Everything has a purpose
Don’t stay in the cave, so scared

Quantum Mechanics:
Your perfection is a lie! Shut up!
Comfort zone! If something is wrong, are you free to change?
No! Is singularity really a collapse point of your space, of your time.
Space time!
Pay me no mind!

It makes no sense!
Give me everything you got so I can understand
At this rate you make no sense
So explain yourself, or chain yourself, abstain yourself
Understand the universe will scream and shout
So just move and stop acting like you’ve figured it all out!

Classy General relativity:
Calm down. Don’t be scared.
Don’t shut yourself in
Be prepared

Do you feel small?
You’re part of something big, don’t you know, big
You think this gravity is a mistake, but no, it’s what we relate

This world includes you, trust me
Although you can’t say
How fast we’re moving around in this open black sea

Trust me

Quantum Mechanics:
A contrast without contradiction
Isn’t light the upper limit set for me
See the path in front of me
With my resolve bare in front of me
Results are all that I see