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Harmonizing Physics: Melodies for the Mind

Welcome to the world of Scientific Songs, where I strive to combine entertainment and education by creating engaging melodies about the fascinating field of physics.

My goal is to develop a song for each of the most important laws and principles in physics, covering a wide range of topics such as dynamics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, general relativity, and more.

As a Science Communicator, I aim to make these songs both enjoyable and informative, focusing on essential equations to facilitate understanding and recall.

By integrating the joy of music with complex scientific concepts, I hope to offer an enriching and immersive learning experience that resonates with audiences from all walks of life.

Join me in exploring this collection of songs and uncover the melodious side of physics, where learning and pleasure harmoniously coexist.

Singing Science

Physics Songs

Penned by Hiroshi & AI1313, Performed by Isaac

Under each song, there is a button that can be clicked to access the lyrics, instrumental version, and all the musical materials such as sheet music for covering or other purposes.

Theoretical Physics

The Theory of Everything – Inspirational Song

In this fashinating dialogue, the personified voices of General Relativity (Serene and Ordered) and Quantum Mechanics (Fiery and Chaotic) come together for a lively exchange. Delving into themes of comfort zones, self-confidence, and inspiration, they seamlessly interweave these topics with the core concepts of their respective domains in physics. Through the analogy of individuals pushing their boundaries and embracing challenges, the conversation imparts valuable lessons on consistency and the importance of stepping out of one’s comfort zone. The harmonious interplay between these contrasting perspectives illuminates the beauty and complexity of the scientific world, inspiring listeners to persevere and grow in their own unique ways.

Classical Mechanics

Newton’s Laws of Motion Song

This captivating tune delves into the realm of Isaac Newton’s Laws, emphasizing the principles of forces and inertia. By crafting a memorable and spirited melody centered around the wonders of mechanics, my goal is to ignite a passion for these remarkable laws and facilitate their retention among listeners.


Maxwell Equations Song

Dedicated to the intricacies of Maxwell’s Equations, this song highlights their various forms in both static and dynamic scenarios, encompassing vacuums and material settings. I aspired to devise a unique, educational resource that simplifies the process of recalling each essential equation.

Coming Soon

Falling in a Black Hole

Penned by Hiroshi & AI1313, Performed by Hiroshi

Under each song, there is a button that can be clicked to access the lyrics, instrumental version, and all the musical materials such as sheet music for covering or other purposes.

General Relativity

Fallin in a Black Hole – Inspirational Song

This song delves into the theme of losing people in the face of life’s challenges. Whether it’s the everyday struggles, a failed relationship, a sense of inadequacy, or the fear of falling short of our aspirations, this track captures the emotional pain that comes with such experiences. The inspiration for the song was drawn from Giacomo Leopardi’s poem, “The Infinite”, which speaks to the human paradox of being both intimidated and drawn to the unknown.

The unknown can be likened to a black hole, one of nature’s most intriguing enigmas that continues to captivate us. While it’s true that the idea of the unknown can be frightening, there’s also an unspoken desire to explore it, to understand its mysteries, and to perhaps find solace in the unknown.

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