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Welcome in my Journal. Here you’ll find a series of deep dives where I explore intriguing topics such as black holes, number theories, time management, and much more.

My commitment is to make complex physics and math concepts accessible to everyone: these deep dives provide simple but detailed explanations of these captivating subjects, supported by rigorous scientific approach and precise analysis.

These articles have been born out of the necessity to delve deeper than the themes discussed in my videos, probing the more complex and curious aspects. Whether you’re a physics expert, a math enthusiast, a professional coach, or simply eager to learn, you’ll find in these deep dives a stimulating and educational way to expand your understanding of the universe, mathematical logic, and the art of coaching.

Each article will draw you deeper into the allure of these disciplines, offering not only the pleasure of discovering new scientific frontiers and coaching methodologies, but also a genuine journey towards expanding your knowledge.


Physics Journal

How Isaac Newton changed Physics

Abstract Isaac Newton is acknowledged as one of the greatest scientists of all time. But what precisely is it that lies behind such greatness as to make us consider these heroes as almost superhuman as if they were born with physical and intellectual privileges,...

Paul Dirac and the beauty

There are artistically accurate figures in the panorama of modern physics in the purest sense of art: to communicate a genuine, vivid concept with sincerity and clarity. In the most harmonious way possible, they reach the viewer's heart to initiate a process of...

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