Cell Scientific Illustration

by | Jul 14, 2020

According to Jacques Monod and other authors, the genetic information contained in DNA determines the gradually increasing order of structures formed in cells: from the primary sequence of a polypeptide chain there are increasingly the secondary and tertiary structures of the proteins, then the formation of compounds oligomeric, and finally, by the interaction between proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids, the establishment of the first dull plant cells.



After a season of Cells at Work, my creativity went with this 

Probably, only with the appearance of the genetic code was it possible to determine the formation of the first heterotrophic prokaryotic cell (which feeds on organic molecules) and anaerobic (which lives in the absence of oxygen).

Subsequently, autotrophic prokaryotes (which use the food synthesized internally) appeared, obviously equipped with photosynthetic pigments.
With the appearance and accumulation of oxygen, the first autotrophic and aerobic prokaryotic cells are born.
In turn, this type of cell opens the way for the formation of the first eukaryotic cell, which appears after 2.6-3.1 billion years after that of the prokaryotic cell.