My name is Murasaki and I am a Freelaancer Digital Artist. I study Physics and I play Violin.

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      This is a project born simply from the desire to talk about things that I’m passionate about. I am an illustrator, a physics student, I like playing the violin and rpg. In this site I mix all those things to have fun.

science illustration

What happens when art and science meet?

Campus Manga

Humanized Science Subjects in action!

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A nice playlist of lectures and exercises 

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Campus Chapter 2 - Two Unfriendly Brothers

I'm preparing the pages of the second chapter to introduce two of Rikito's three brothers (Classical Mechanics): General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.
The two brothers have always been at odds with everything and can't stand each other. General Relativity is a mature and cold guy who loves elegance and refinement. He plays the violin and loves determinism. 

Quantum Mechanics is a messy, rebellious boy with a sharp tongue. Always accompanied by his Psi Cat (A reference to Schroedinger's Cat). Quantum Mechanics plays the Piano and is reluctantly part of a musical trio together with Relativity and cellist Witty, for whom both brothers have a crush. Yes, they are even rivals in love!

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Science Manga Inktober

This year I decided to take part in the Oktober challenge to improve inking, which has always been my weak point (I was born as a painter, so clean drawing with lines is super tricky for me). I thought of realizing my vision of Inktober Topics, linked to the sciences and, in particular, to physics. For example, for the concept of Monster, I used the Monster in quantum mechanics, which indicates a state of maximum disorder. Or, for the cat, I drew Shroedinger’s Cat. I hope to do all the Inktober drawings in time and amuse those who look at them.

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Scientific Art

        I have been drawing since I was 4 years old, probably. Actually I like very particular subjects, such as biology elements, plants, elderly people or very specific technical studies. In this video I show the whole process of building a hyper-realistic subject: the reproduction of the original knight by Astri Lohne.

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