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Please join my post-debut Art Giveaway!

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Availabe prizes

You can ask for a full illustration, a L2D Model Art, a Lore Video or a Set of Debut Assets! 

art & l2d models

First Prize: Full Illustration and Model Art

  • Illustration in 1920×1080 300dpi 
  • 1-2 Character included
  • Illustration process will be shown on Twitch 
  • L2D Model will be started 2 weeks after the winner announcement
  • 5 Expressions included

lore video

Second Prize: a Full Lore Video

  • Included 8 illustrations
  • Music is included
  • Japanese Voice Acting
  • 2 Lore script revisions available
  • Up to 4 characters 
  • Lore credits web page included

Debut Asset Pack

Third Prize: Full Debut Graphic Pack

  • Just Chatting Overlay
  • Gaming/Art Overlay
  • Logo and Stinger
  • Announcement graphics
  • Alerts and Sound alerts
  • Presentation slides PNG/PPT

This Giveaway doesn’t need any retweet or Like! I will pick on stream a random parteciant! Please just add your Twitter Nickname and reply to some questions!

Please Enjoy and have fun!


The quickest delivery time for prizes is 7 working weeks after the doodle/sketch approval. Commissions can take up to two more working weeks of tolerance.

The winner will be able to preview the piece during the first stage. 

They can be kept unpublished and not shown on Twitch live or any other socials if requested.

They might be used as material for private portfolios, business cards, price lists examples, etc. 

All commissions are 300 dpi unless requested differently.

Even if I ask you to always talk with my manager about your project, this time I won’t, I will gladly assist you. 

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