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Hiroshi, a young and reluctant Lasombra vampire, finds himself tangled in the shadowy society of the undead in Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Edition.

As a staunch believer in science, he struggles to come to terms with his monstrous new nature and the morally ambiguous world he inhabits. His mission is to learn to survive in this dark and dangerous realm, assist his sire in an impossible mission, and hold onto the hope of regaining his humanity.

Despite the widely held belief that vampires are mystical and all-powerful beings, Hiroshi is determined to uncover the truth about a possible vampire genetic mutation and find a solution.

This story serves as a thought experiment that tests hypothetical scientific theories and delves into the depths of introspection, as the battle for identity becomes an odyssey through a mysterious and shadowy world.

Official Expanded Lore

Hiroshi’s story

Discover the secrets of Hiroshi’s dark world and that of the E-Childe Lasombra, in a perilous battle for survival. Explore the extended lore of World of Darkness titles, where each chapter reveals new elements of their epic struggle

Chapter 1
The Last Night

 “Sometimes, at night, I would leave the lights on in my lab, leaving a noisy room. Then I would sneak out the back and go away, silently.”

Chapter 2

“My lady… she would not have done it first to extract confirmation of her doubt through Domination?”It wouldn’t have been Elegant.”

Chapter 3
Ezekiel 25 17

“For he is, in truth, his brother’s keeper and the keeper of the lost children, and my greatness will descend upon them with great vengeance…”

Debut lore

A digital, new Hiroshi?

Embark on a perilous journey to a realm beyond, where the boundaries between reality and the Digital Web of the Umbra are blurred. In this World of Darkness, secrets and dangers await those brave enough to traverse the thin veil that separates our world from the unknown.

An Extra story

Lore Spinoff by Merryweather Media

A spin-off lore set in the world of Changeling The Dreamers, where a determined detective embarks on a perilous journey through time and space to find an elusive Hiroshi, who is a Fae created by the dreams about a beloved virtual teacher by passionate fans.

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