Copyright and Merch Guideline

Guideline for Hiroshi Doujin, FanMade/Unofficial Merch and Derivative Works Goods
Murasaki Hiroshi allows the production, selling and distribution of Doujin, Fan-made/Unofficial merchandise from all his subscribers. This document will provide a regulamentation of this process.

Chinese version

A - Definition of Unofficial Merchandise

All the types of merchandise this document is discussing about are: 

  • Prints (Posters, Mugs, Printed Textiles, Nails, other supports)
  • Charms
  • Plushies
  • Metal badges or pins
  • Acrylic pads/stands
  • Clothing and cosplay related products
  • Dakimakura, Pillows
  • Technology Branded Devices and Accessories
  • Digital Goods (Unofficial Music, Art, Videos etc)

The Unofficial merchandise quantity is not limited.
All the Unofficial merchandise should be property of the seller (Art, Prototype, Final Product).

Murasaki Hiroshi Official Artwork and Commissions can’t be used for this purpose.
All the Produced art that will be used for merchandise, should be property of the seller.
You can’t use Murasaki Hiroshi Vtuber Model, Logo, Emotes, Assets etc.

You can Change Hiroshi Murasaki Outfit, with these limitations:

  • No Gender Bender
  • No Bottom
  • No Other Vampire Clans, Types or other supernatural appearance (Demon Horns, Dragon Wings etc, Murasaki Hiroshi is a VtM 20th edition Lasombra Vampire inspired OC.)
  • No Fantasy Related Races (Elf, Mermaid, dwarf, etc)
  • No Purple/Violet clothes
  • If any equation is used, it’s necessary to make it approved

B - Who can Produce, sell and distribute

The production, selling and distribution of Murasaki Hiroshi Unofficial Merchandise is allowed to all Hiroshi’s Fans, no matter if they are large companies, small groups or individuals. 

The seller must make it clear that the merchandise is unofficial and not directly affiliated with Hiroshi. 

The requirements for each group of Producers, Sellers and Distributors are different, according to the cases “Large companies and non Large companies”. 

Murasaki Hiroshi requires from :

  • Attach to every publication, Sale or Advertisement Murasaki Hiroshi Twitter and Twitch Links ( and
  • Non Large Companies a Self-Proof of Subscription and a 10% of earning in charity. 
  • Large Companies a Self-Proof of Subscription and a 20% of earnings in charity

Any Individual can contact Murasaki Hiroshi to propose an Official Merchandise project, every person is welcome. 

You can read more information about the requirements in:
Section D1: Self-Proof; D2: Charity.  

    c - Application Process

    Chinese Community

    Who is interested should send a message to a MurasakiHiroshi representative in the Weibo Supergroup, giving proof of the membership and providing information about the product/good/digital product/content that is going to be sold. The confirmation and approval can be given only from this representative. The representative will send an email to giving all the collected information about the application.

    Non-Chinese Community

    the email should be sent to giving proof of the membership and providing information about the product/good/digital product/content that will be sold. The confirmation and approval should be received through this email. 

    All the Allowed applications will be published on Murasaki Hiroshi Website, with a photo of the goods, the price, relevant information about the product and the relative distribution and selling channels. 

    Without this formal Allowance on the website ( the process of production, selling and distribution can’t be pursued. 

    D - Requirements

    The requirements are, in simple words: proof of subscription while the duration of selling process, 10$ or 20% of earnings in charity and to always mention Hiroshi twitch and twitter link in every channel of sale. 

    d1 - Self-proof
    1. Murasaki Hiroshi requires a Subscription for at least one month or longer, for any individual or representative of a small group/company to start any production, sale and distribution.
    2. The subscription should remain active for all the production, sale and distribution process: a process of 3 months requires a subscription of 4 months, at least one month to start and three months for the production, sale and distribution amount of time. More simply, the seller should remain subscribed during all the sale cycle.
    3. The sale cycle includes: Production, Marketing, Advertising, Social groups formation, Payments, Shipping and delivery, Post-sale, reviewing.
    4. Every Allowed seller should watermark the picture of the allowed goods, in order to quickly recognize if the good is allowed or not.
    d2 - profits requirements and charity

    The seller is required in all cases to donate part of the income to the charity, according to the methods described below:

    – Individuals, small groups: 10% of revenues;

    – Large companies: 20% of revenues;

    The field of interest of these organisations should be:

    • Research in Medicine, Biology, Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics
    • Fundings and loans for Students
    • Organisation about Women and children protection
    • Organisation to help Youth entrepreneurs
    • Organisation Anti-Pollution and for Environment Well-being

    It should be clear that all the donations and funds should be devolved only and exclusively to organisations, associations and researches for human health and progress. All the funding organisations should be approved by Murasaki Hiroshi himself.

    d3 - Non-Assumption of Liability

    Murasaki Hiroshi assumes no debt, liability, or obligation towards the sellers/producers of the Unofficial Merch and Derivatives. They remain fully responsible for their actions and commitments.

    d4 - Credit Hiroshi

    To use every channel you want in complete freedom, keep in mind that is required to attach to every publication, Sale, or Advertisement Murasaki Hiroshi Twitter and Twitch Links ( and

    F - Fans Allowances

    • Fans are allowed to cosplay Murasaki Hiroshi
    • Fans are allowed to roleplay in Murasaki Hiroshi Setting or to roleplay as Murasaki Hiroshi
    • Fans are allowed to write fanfiction and publish them online
    • Fans are allowed to commission and draw fan art of Murasaki Hiroshi
    • Fans are allowed to create audio-video media of Murasaki Hiroshi
    • Fans can clip videos, edit them and translate them into any language.
    • All fan’s production shouldn’t offend any ethnicity, religion, political ideal, or discriminate against any group of people.

    G - Miscellaneous

    This document might be updated anytime. If a change occurs, the allowed people will be updated, but the edits will be applied to the next bunch. 

    If you want to propose your project for an Official Merchandise Project, please send an email to with the Subject “Official Merchandise Proposal”. 

    If you have any doubt, concerns,s or need more information, please contact or the Supergroup Representative.