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My name is Murasaki Hiroshi and I am a Freelaancer Digital Artist and a Science Vtuber

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Commissions pricing

The prices can affect variation after we talk. 

vtuber logo

Vtubers Logo Design and intros

  • Logo: 700€
  • Two versions logo: 1200€
  • Logo with Animation Effects: 1500€
  • Logo + Stinger: 1500
  • Animated Logo Stinger: 400€

streaming assets

Overlays and Webpages

  • Twitch Overlay: 800€
  • Debut Slides: 500€
  • Vtuber Event Graphic: 350€
  • One Page Website: 700€
  • Multi Page Website: 1500€ / 5 pages

art and sciart

Manga Illustration and Sciart

  • Illustrations: starting from 600€
  • L2D Models: starting from 2000€
  • Character Design: 1000€
  • Character Sheet: 500€
  • Sciart illustration: 800€


How to commission

Commissions can be booked via this form or via Twitter message to my manager. We will reply as soon as possible. You will talk with my manager to setup the project and to receive all the relevant informations and files that I’ll need to start your commission. When every detail is ready in my google drive folder, you will receive a link to my service checkout and pay through Paypal Invoice, Paypal Standard Payment or Stripe Credit Card payment. 

I don’t use a Commission Slot System but a Queue system to always grant a slot to everyone. 
Of course, it does mean you should commission my services with a well advantage.

About timing: I usually take one week to finish each graphic project, but some projects might need two weeks if I’m asked to do more services at once. 

About Rush Projects: I usually do not accept rush projects, in respect of all my other clients/collaborators, since I have to grant my availability for Art Direction. I might accept them only for very particular cases. If you have a specific time deadline, you can talk with my Manager and I might ask another V-Corp member/collaborator to help with the project. 


I accept Payments via Paypal or Stripe You will receive the service quote via mail, you can accept it via mail and go to the Checkout page and complete the payment. Once the payment is done, you will be automatically added to my workflow schedule from the system. 


The quickest delivery time for commissions is 7 working days after the doodle/sketch approval. Commissions can take up to two working weeks after the project official start.

The commissioner will be able to preview the piece during the first stage. They will have a chance to request x1 edit during that stage if needed; any extra edit will be charged 100 EUR per edit.

Commissions can be kept unpublished and not shown on Twitch live or any other socials if requested.

Commissions might be used as material for private portfolios, business cards, price lists examples, etc. 

No refunds allowed, you are paying for my time.

All commissions are 300 dpi unless requested differently.

Listings may vary as I improve my skills or in case of unforeseen complications.

I don’t use a commission slot system, it’s a queue: it’s first-come first-served!

Always talk with my manager about your project, she will assist you. 

Order revisions and refund policy

All orders are final, it is not possible to have a refund.
For orders placed, it is possible to make up to one revision during the sketching phase and one minor final revision (lighting effects, fonts, but not drawn elements).


I am always very hapy to receive your message. Please select the right subject, because it will help me to manage the messages by topic. 

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