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My name is Murasaki and I am a Freelaancer Digital Artist. I study Physics and I play Violin.

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Art commissions pricing


What happens when art and science meet?

  • Twitch Emote – 30 EUR
  • Chibi – 80 EUR
  • Headshot – 70 EUR
  • Bust Up – 90 Eur
  • Thighs Up – 110 EUR
  • Full Body – 150 EUR
  • Detailed {any} – + 30 EUR 
  • Manga scene – 150 EUR
  • Manga Scene x 5 – 650 EUR (instead of 750)


  • Backgrounds starting from 50 eur
  • Detailed Object starting from 25 EUR
  • Props starting from 60 EUR


See me in action, live everyday

  • Character Sheet A – 200 EUR 
    Including of 3/4 view (dynamic or static pose), close up (bust) and 1 expression, with +30 eur per additional.
  • Character Sheet x 3 – 500 EUR (instead of 600) 
  • Character Sheet x 5 – 800 EUR (instead of 1000)


Let art and science meet

  • Biology (Micro) – 300 EUR
  • Biology (Macro) – 250 EUR
  • Medicine – 200 EUR
  • Physics – 150 EUR
  • Mathematics – 150 EUR
  • Engineering – 350 EUR
  • Chemistry – 250 EUR
  • Manga scene – 150 Eur
  • Other – Price not available

The prices can affect variation after we talk.


Latest update

Fixing Avogadro Face

Although many students initially dislike Avogadro, I believe it is right to give him a more harmonious and gentle aspect. We students would have many flaws but we are not resentful.
I am working on this Avogadro Paint fix to make its shapes more harmonic and realistic. For now, here’s the black and white version.
Probably, I’ll color it.


If you need a personalized artistic work, don’t hesitate to write to me and talk about it privately. We can discuss your idea together and come up with eye-catching artistic solutions.


Payments via Paypal only must be made within 24 hrs after confirmation of both commissioner and artist.

Commission fee is not included in the original price. 

Paypal account:

How to commission

Commissions can be booked via this form or via Instagram message. I will reply as soon as possible or the next working day.

Please provide an accurate enough description of the work you’d like to commission/your character – references will be essential so please attach as many as needed.

Once I get back in touch with you and both parties are happy and agreeing, payment via PayPal can be done and I can officially start working on your commission {check FAQ for timings}.

Sit back and relax, you’ll be regularly kept updated with the progress of your commission.

Once ready, please provide the email address you’d like the commission’s file to be sent to.



The quickest delivery time for commissions is 7 working days after the sketch approval. Commissions can take up to four working weeks. 

The commissioner will be able to preview the piece during the sketching stage. They will have a chance to request x1 edit during that stage if needed; any extra edit will be charged 15 EUR per edit.

Commissions can be kept unpublished and not shown on Twitch live or any other socials if requested.

Commissions might be used as material for private portfolios, business cards, price lists examples, etc. 

Commissions should stay non profit as they are only for the personal use of the commissioner. A commercial policy will soon be added to this pricelist.

Commissioned fanarts might be sold at conventions by the artist only as those are not considered original characters or creations of the commissioner.

Please do not edit, trace, modify or alter the artwork in any way. 

No refunds allowed.

All commissions are 300 dpi unless requested differently.

Listings may vary as I improve my skills or in case of unforeseen complications.

When slots are available, it’s first-come first-served!

No deadlines or pressure please 

Order revisions and refund policy

All orders are final, it is not possible to have a refund.
For orders placed, it is possible to make up to one revision during the sketching phase and one minor final revision (lighting effects, fonts, but not drawn elements).

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