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The Idea behind Math

When I imagined humanized math for the first time, I was at college. The teacher of Math Analysis was explaining the concept of limit.

He said Mathematicians and Theoretical physics have much more in common than we can imagine: the love for math structure and beauty.

So I decided to understand the concept of Math beauty better, and I found good examples in Dirac’s notes.

I finally understood my emotions for this subject. To describe this love, I drawn a possible Humanized Math, and I treated her as my first Waifu.

Humanized Math – Kazue

Name: Kazue 数江 with kanji of 数 (Number) and 江 (River)

Blood Type: A Positive

Dere: Dandere

She loves: Phylosophy, Apple Pie, Poetry, Bach and Black Metal.

She hates: Politics, Lies, Mice and Broccoli.

Favourite Pet: Tortoise


In elementary school, Kazue’s schoolmates thought she was a bit weird and started to tease her.  The situation worsens in middle school, where the girl spent most of her time alone, between books. In this period, she meets Philosophy, a much older boy than her, who attends high school in the same institute.

The two become close friends, and Philosophy helps little Kazue become more self-confident: she defends her and explains to others the importance of mathematics and logic in all applications. The young Kazue falls deeply in love with the boy, with his way of speaking, of thinking, but Philosophy couldn’t reciprocate her feelings.

Kazue, with a broken heart, decides to continue to be a friend of Philosophy and not to declare herself, because she knows that he loves another person. For this reason, to distract himself, he flees to the school park in search of a practical application of his being.

On one such occasion, he meets a boy named Classical Mechanics under the apple trees of the school garden. The two make friends, and Kazue can help him solve a physical problem. The boy is finally able to solve his doubts, and Kazue feels very happy: for the first time in his life, he feels satisfied because it has been useful to someone.

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