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The Idea behind
Classical  Mechanics

Classic mechanics is the archetype of the common boy.
He has black hair, big glasses, and a bit of shabby clothing. His character is shy, somewhat insecure, and often pessimistic.

He hides his negative emotions in every way and always tries to appear smiling. Even if he is very insecure and often anxiety prevents him from performing as he wants, Meccanica Classica is very committed to what he does. Determination leads him to find great goals.

Classical Mechanics – Rikito

Name: Rikito 力人 with kanji of 力 (Power, Force) and 人 (Man).
It comes from the Kanji “力” (Riki)  we can find in the japanese world of “Classical Mechanics” –  古典力学 (Koten 古典, Classic; and 力学 Rikigaku, Mechanics).

Blood Type: A Negative

Dere: Shundere

He loves: Calculus, Apples, Adventure and Survival Books, Manga.

He hates: Indeterminism, Phylosophy, Cat scratches and Cheese.

Favourite Pet: Hamster.


Rikito has always been a shy and reserved boy: raised in a family with relatively strong personalities, he ever tried to give his best and not be a burden. He has three brothers: Quantum Mechanics, General Relativity, and Statistical Mechanics. Rikito’s brothers seem much more outgoing and determined than he is, and because of this, Rikito has started to hide his insecurity. The only person who has overcome the wall he erected is Mathematics, Kazue chan, helping him to solve a problem related to infinitesimals. The boy has a crush on Kazue, which he hides with all his might.
His brothers often mock Rikito because of his introverted nature and his innate carelessness and clumsiness. He desires to describe the macroscopic world in all its characteristics and make Classical Physics a subject within everyone’s reach to help humanity to live more comfortably and harmoniously with nature.

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