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What is Campus

“Campus” is a manga project born three years ago when I started university. I moved to the Campus of the city of Parma, Italy, and I began to follow the lessons of Classical Mechanics. In one of these lessons, my teacher talked about the beauty of mathematics and the fact that one day we would be able to understand it. I have always loved both physics and mathematics equally, and for this reason, during those lessons, I began to fantasize about these subjects, inventing a humanized version.
I’m a Vocaloid fan, and I love role-playing, so it was natural to imagine funny scenes with people from the subjects I studied, a bit like Hetalia.

Manga Chapters

1: Physics meets Math

A young boy, Classical Mechanics, stands alone in the school park. Here, he tries to solve a problem related to the motion of bodies without succeeding. A question that has worried him for some time, and that seems to have no solution. A girl notices him and approaches him, listening to his speeches: it is the young mathematical analysis. With an encouraging smile, the girl will give Physics a vital suggestion that will help him solve the problem with the geometric intuition of fluxes, also known as infinitesimals. 

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2: Two unfriendly brothers

After his encounter with Mathematical Analysis, Classical Mechanics returns home to his brothers General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. The two boys, pedantic and unfriendly by nature, will misjudge the adolescent reaction of Classical Mechanics in front of a girl. When Relativity begins to remember the quirks of Analysis, Quantum Mechanics will stand up for its younger brother, only to annoy Relativity. The two, as always, will resume arguing. The two hate each other and are bitter enemies.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Campus Characters

Kazue: Mathematics / Calculus

Rikito: Classical Mechanics

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