Avicii's Feeling Good, From the dust we're made of

Lyrics and voice: Murasaki Hiroshi| Mix: KoryoVT

Song Concept

Particles are the smallest building blocks of our universe. From quarks to cosmic giants, to the origins chasing the big bang and the very first particle: “Feeling Good, from the Dust we’re made of” is my gift to my community to than them to the big bang of the universe we created together. 


Atoms in the sky, you know how they soar
Quarks in the core, you know what they’re for
Gluons on the lore, binding ‘em evermore

It’s a new field
It’s a new force
It’s a new bond
For me
And I’m feeling good

Electrons in a spree, orbiting the core
Photons feel so free, as energy they store
Mass is energy, a truth not to ignore

It’s a new spin
It’s a new wave
It’s a new rave
For me

And I’m feeling good
And I’m feeling good

Particles out in the sun, fusion’s just begun, don’t you know
Particles fly through the night, you know what I mean
Particles at rest, when the day is best
And this quantum world is a new world
And a true world
For me

Stars when you fuse, you know how I feel
Dust you produce, you know how I feel
Gravity is the muse, and I know how I feel

It’s a new hole
It’s a new void
It’s a new light

For me, yeah
It’s a new start
It’s a new birth
It’s a new dot
Our Big Bang

And I’m feeling good
And I’m feeling good