We craft our future

From Intellect to Creation, we are the people of tomorrow
Homo Artifex, Sapientes, Faber Fortunae Suae.
Knowledge seekers, Creators,
and shapers of our own destiny.

The essence of our unique being
lies within the brilliant mind that guides us
toward observation, discovery, and wisdom,
in understanding, defining, and ultimately sharing.

From birth, curiosity envelops us,
a faithful companion that never leaves,
driving us to create, to accomplish,
in art and science, an insatiable thirst.

In creation we uncover imagination,
innovation, and exploration,
uniting knowledge with the passion to invent.

We question the mystery of existence,
the infinite that embraces the cosmos,
distant worlds and celestial solitude,
or the life that, perhaps, stirs elsewhere.

Countless heroes of thought, fearless,
have surpassed the veil of the unknown,
not content with questions alone,
but craving answers with fervor.

To them, we owe our heartfelt tribute,
They inspire us, to become the best version of ourselves.

We are here to seek the truth,
to question and discover answers,
to unveil the hidden face of nature,
or at least capture a reflection of her smile.


Youtube Channel

About me

My name is Hiroshi and I am a Scientific Content Creator. I am passionate about popularizing science through innovative means such as art, music, and storytelling. I believe that an engaging experience can be the key to sparking interest and curiosity in science.

In addition to popularization, I also enjoy creating educational material for students. I am convinced that scientific knowledge should be accessible to everyone, and that good educational material can make a difference. I also share my knowledge and neuroscience-based strategies to optimize learning. For example, I can offer practical advice on how to manage study time, strategies to combat anxiety and stress, and how to build your own personalized study method.

In addition to loving art in general, I am passionate about stories. I have always been fascinated by tabletop and live-action role-playing games, particularly World of Darkness and Vampire: The Masquerade. These games not only allow me to explore new ideas but also to meet new people with similar interests to mine. That’s why I consider them a tool for personal growth and scientific exploration.


My projects

To become a content creator capable of communicating science, as well as introspection and growth.

To produce free lessons for everyone and to disseminate not only through videos but also through stories, music, and illustrations.

To draw manga-style concepts such as black holes and particles, humanizing their characteristics to improve the understanding of certain concepts such as spin and charge.

To create songs that tell the most important physical laws in an engaging way.

To tell stories that show the scholar or scientist in their most intimate moments, exposing doubts, uncertainties, the most frequent biases, and insecurities that arise in a moment of both rational and emotional growth.

To share, along with the narrative, the tools provided by neuroscience to make learning a pleasant journey, optimizing all the steps that will lead to the goal.


My goals

My goal is to become a reference point for students and enthusiasts around the world. To do this, I intend to create a wide selection of informative videos and lessons, as well as share methods to improve study and build successful strategies. All this to bring more and more people closer to science.

Furthermore, I want to offer a significant contribution and value to the world, showing how fascinating and captivating Physics, and Science in general, can be. I am convinced that the hidden beauty of the study of nature and reality can be transmitted to all those who wish to learn, and this is the message that I want to share with the world.

To achieve my goal, I intend to use the tools provided by social media and the web. I hope to effectively show the beauty of science to as many people as possible, using visualization and conceptual analogies to make concepts more fascinating and understandable. In this way, I hope to inspire and motivate more and more people to approach the world of science and knowledge.


My values

Veni – As a V-Tuber, Hiroshi offers an entertainment and narrative-based dialogue, where his character, a young and skeptical vampire in Vampire: The Masquerade, faces situations that will lead him to become a scientist and question his condition. The narrative is a means of both denouncing and introspecting, where the boy wants to explain and fight his vampire condition. The path each individual takes to discover their future self in a world perceived as hostile and full of obstacles.

Vidi – As a Scientist, Hiroshi aims to teach Physics and Mathematics that are learned in a high school and university-level studies in an exciting and innovative way. His goal is to provide as many students and aspiring physics students as possible with the didactic and psychological support tools necessary to undertake a path of personal growth, in the form of video content and articles.

Vici – As a Disseminator, his intent is expressed through a coaching program based on neuroscience, divided in turn between study method and psychological strategy, based on self-help and the management of psychological and biochemical resources at our disposal. The goal of this content is to offer support to understand how to face challenges, in order to obtain an informed audience capable of increasing their human, cultural, and professional value.