About me


Sensei’s Journal

Who I am

– Physics Lover
– Very very passionate about Anime
– Obsessed with Green
– Want to find Time Travel
– Unintentionally became a Waifu ?!
– I call my students “Particles”
– Collecting RPG Vampire The Masquerade Books
– I have my Vampire Clan Lasombra Tattoo on the neck
– I use Scientific Rpg to make my mental experiments
– Started to play violin because of Einstein
– My Assistant AI1313 is a Biologist


Having many interactive lessons and explaining complicated concepts such as general relativity to people. Making interactive science art and creating a Hetalia-like manga that includes the humanization of many science subjects. Give a fun insight into the studio.


Disseminate Physics in a fun and easily understandable way, with the support of art and storytelling. Get students from all over the world to learn to love physics, like it was a compelling TV series or manga to read.

What I do

I am a Science and Art Vtuber, actually. I want to connect physics students, scholars, researchers and people who love science and art.
Through images, drawings, simple elements, I want to explain concepts by applying Feynman’s advice.
I like to show physics concepts in a simple, profound, and fun way, using allegories and visual elements to understand the logic behind the idea.



A bit more about me

I am a digital painter and graphic artist specializing in scientific illustration and realistic illustration for teaching, research, and science communication purposes. Upon request, I also apply myself in cartoon or Manga styles.

My goal in life is to combine science with art to communicate it to many people: not everyone is lucky enough to see the beauty of science, and I hope, through the tools provided by social media and the web in general, to communicate these beautiful concepts. To as many people as possible.

I spent many years looking for the right formula, and today I finally came to say: I love the work I do. Every time I start a scientific art project, I feel happy and satisfied: for a curious person like me, having the opportunity to learn new things, which make me grow intellectually, is something very precious. There are three things I absolutely want to do in life: travel to space, do the comic book version of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, and work in Cambridge.

I am a person who does not like individualism very much: I am here mainly to build connections with people. If you want to get in contact with me, please don’t be shy! 


My values are simple: to give what I wanted to receive. I want physics students and enthusiasts to save time and money, find useful solutions, be inspired, become even more passionate. This is why art is a fundamental tool for me.

1. Helpful and Motivational

I am a university student. I know how difficult it is to study in certain stressful situations. I love what I study, but it is sometimes difficult to move forward without the right motivation and support. I want to help physics students understand concepts easily and find motivation and a little help to move forward.

2. Specialization

I want to specialize in Physics and offer support and in-depth contents in physics for high school up to the advanced one of a master’s course. I don’t want to limit myself to theoretical physics but also to the experimental approach.

3. Simple and Clean

All communication must be simple. Simple doesn’t mean stupid, but clear. Effective. I don’t want to discourse as if my interlocutor is 6 years old. I want to discourse with the intention of making my interlocutor remember the received information.

4. Immagination and Freedom

Behind every great scientist there is a child full of imagination. I want fantasy, imagination and positive emotions to be a fundamental element of my work. Preconception, prejudice and rigidity cannot feed curiosity and imagination. I want people to learn to imagine without limits, using science as something to enrich their inner imagery and develop their personality regardless of what they study or the sector of work.

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